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Me all the time
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'Blue Planet' Emma Oak photographed by Kerry Dean for Flair
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Floral anatomy from artist Camila Carlow’s project Eye Heart Spleen

Carlow on her project:

The most fascinating and intricate of biological structures, yet we rarely pay heed to the organs inside our body. Regardless of whether we fill ourselves with toxins or nourishing food, whether we exercise or not - our organs sustain us, working away effortlessly and unnoticed.

In a similar way, plants flourishing in the urban environment are a testament to nature’s indifference to our goings on. They grow out of the sides of buildings, in brick walls and between the cracks in concrete, despite of the traffic and pollution.

Click on the images to see which organs are represented.

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Alexander McQueen - “SAVAGE BEAUTY” {Exhibition} #2

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The making of rose water in Iran

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This is the first shoot of the photo series.  I’m still in the process of deciding on other fruit options and trying to figure out how to open that coconut.

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all time low snaps - don’t panic

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Lorenzo Vitturi

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Daryll Peirce: Molecular Structure and Asteroids

Daryll Peirce’s new body of paintings is dominated by a strange, organic substance. Is it the folds of the brain’s grey matter? A visualization of a molecular structure? An unearthly substance from the cosmos? These questions begin to pop up as you realize that Peirce is attempting to access something primordial and universal. When these shapes evoke atoms or asteroids, he reminds us that we are incredibly complex beings yet are still so minuscule in the grand scheme of the universe.

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"It’s not my fault my mama dropped me in a box of glitter and I’ve been shining ever since"
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